cropped-city-entry.jpgWelcome to Deanne Holmer Photography
I began my working career as a chef then my world changed and I entered the world of photography.I have always loved photography, when I was a kid I had a film camera and the most exciting moment ever was walking into the chemist to pick up my photos.
When I say “I love photography” it means just that and when I decided to take things more seriously I understood that I needed to get out of the comfort zone and shoot all kinds of things in all different environments.  I don’t believe that by shooting the one thing in the same environment makes you a pro, if I only ever cooked scones that wouldn’t make me a chef, would it?! You don’t need to be brilliant in everything but you do need to have an understanding. When I look at some of the most amazing photographers and listen to what they do it is very clear that they there is a phenomenal understanding of all things photographic.
I have done a small handful of workshops and some online courses and now I am doing what I consider the big step and I am doing a Diploma of Photo Imaging. It’s two year course that is mostly online which is fantastic for me and thus far I am loving every moment!

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