Feedback is always wonderful!!

Bill and I have hosted a number of Light Painting meetups/workshops and each and every time we hear the same things. “I had the best time ever” “I didn’t think I would get any images but I did and they are awesome” “OMG my daughter is going to LOOOOOOVVE this, I can hardly wait till we go camping next”. We love to hear the joy people get and they photos we take. When we see happy people, the images they shoot and seeing them grow is nothing short of priceless. It makes us work harder to create new things and perfect other things. Even if occasionally I fry a hand with a soldering iron, oop’s!
Feedback from the work you do and the people have contact with is always wonderful. But there sometimes something far more awesome happens and you end up with a newsfeed in meltdown. And then you see wonderful Blog posts from wonderful people like Bevlea Ross and Julie Powell. I urge you to visit both ladies blogs, I say this not just for what has been written about what Bill and I have done. But to see all the amazing work that they both do.

Bevlea Ross 
August Post
October Post

Julie Powell
August Post
October Post
And Julies feature post 
Featured Photographer

Bill and myself met both ladies after we were searched for asking us to join the Melbourne Photography Excursions Group on Facebook. A page setup by Maureen O’ Connor with the intent of photographers simply getting together to share ideas, places they like to shoot or want to shoot and share their experience. It is a fantastic idea and if you live in Melbourne please join the page. There is always something organised and you will most certainly build your photographic experience.
Melbourne Photography Excursions


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