Light Painting Workshops

I have added to my Facebook page an events tab for Light Painting Workshops and have created a Meetup Page, also for workshops.

You will find details of our events on Meetup:

Melbourne Light Painting

Melbourne, AU
363 Members

Bill and Deanne (Dee) have been running very successful Light Painting workshops, in and around Melbourne for over 3 years. Their experience however, goes back 5 years, learni…

Check out this Meetup Group →

And by checking the events tab on:

2 thoughts on “Light Painting Workshops

  1. Hi Deanne, I am not sure if you have seen that the City of Whittlesea has a survey to try to find out details of creative practitioners in the municipality? Council wants to find out how many creative practitioners live in the municipality and what they do. If you don’t mind can you fill in the online survey? You can find the short survey by copying the below link into your browser. I work at the Council and I saw the article about you in the Leader. Congrats on your award. We love to hear about local artists. Regards Sandy


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