A story that needs to be told to help others….. Right through all this I have not said much to anyone but due ongoing crap its time I said something!

I want to begin with the image that started it all, an image that was only viewable for 4 days, a fact that they knew! This was an innocent image of something that was witnessed which had an element that someone needed to be checked on, an image that my husband and I went out of our way asking people who to contact or where can we put it so it will be seen. Not one scrap of wrong doing, not once scrap of malice, not once scrap of ill intent, just an image of an incident seen in a town where we knew no one. A image taken whilst I was talking to a bystander asking them “Is he ok, did he need help. was he confused, is there someone to contact” and so on.
This same type of image is not unusual at all, how many times do you see on the news people holding cameras and showing things? How many times do people share Dashcam footage of things they see, how many people take photos and post to social media in an attempt to locate someone, help someone or simply just something the saw doing something like busking. None of these things are sinister nor was this image. It was only made sinister by their actions and they turned something innocent into something it wasn’t, thus creating one hell of a mountain out of nothing.
If they only told the truth, asked questions, instead of bold statements, abuse and serious threats and perhaps for just one second asked themselves “Why did a a couple go out of their way asking every person they saw in a place they knew no one if they knew who could be contacted or where to post a image onto a local noticeboard”? The answer is elementary, so that someone would see that photo could check that person was ok!
It’s literally this bloody simple! They should also ask themselves what would they feel if they were not told about the incident and it caused a serious accident days later that could have been prevented? Would people rather  know their loved one needs some support to keep their independence or prefer not to know about it and it resulting also in an accident that could have been prevented had they had the heads up.
What is crazy is they were provided with information that what was seen, information a local said, multiple dash cam photos with detailed descriptions, even video footage of the entire route. Every single possible conceivable thing that could be given was, given.
Though it still baffles me that despite their claims this image was posted with ill intent they emailed me with immense joy and how amazing it was and then  asking if they could hire me for some photos they wanted done.

The Photo behind the saga