One of my most favorite photography techniques is Light Painting, I love that you can create an image using different lighting mediums. Such as LEDs, Cold Cathodes, Christmas lights, even kids toy sabers. Each light produces different looks and patterns with endless possibilities.
My husband and I have been tinkering with Light Painting for a while now and  then began to host workshops to share our passion, knowledge and techniques. What we didn’t know was how big the demand for our workshops would be, in fact it has been quite overwhelming. Part of the success of any workshop is based on the delivery the other is the quality of work created. When we see so many fantastic shots and the joy we have given it makes us proud. It is a credit to the hard work we put in to present the best light patterns and techniques we can.  We will never tire of the happiness we see and watching people in the free time part of our sessions race about putting in play what they have just learned.

We are available for workshops but like to keep number limited to a minimum of 10 and a max of 15 so that everyone gets plenty of space to get the best shots they can. If you are part of a photography club we are also very happy to come and do a workshop for you.
Sessions run between 2-3 hours and cost $50 per person paid within 48 hours of the chosen date

Here is a couple of recent reviews from people who have been to our workshops.

Bevlea Ross
Rusty Ramblers
Julie Powell
Tales from the Shoot

Here is some of my shots that were shot at our workshops

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